A Sunny Boost to Your Bottom Line from a Sunless Service

As salon owners look for proven services that will appeal to current customers, while attracting new clients through the doors, Mike Concannon, vice president of marketing for VersaSpa and Mystic Tan, sheds some light on why owners might want to invest in an automated spray tanning booth.

Facts & Figures:
10 Million: Number of automated spray tans performed by VersaSpa and Mystic Tan, each year
100%: Percent of women who visit a tanning salon that also get their hair styled (the target customer is already in your salon)
$3.00: The salon’s cost for a spray tan   
$29.00: The average retail price for an automated spray tan  
1.5 (or less): Number of years to pay back equipment purchase
0: Number of salon employees needed to perform an automated spray tan

Beauty You Can Trust
According to Concannon, “Most automated spray tans are performed in conjunction with clients’ most important social events (big date, wedding, prom, gala, vacation, etc.), when a person can least afford a beauty-mistake.” He says the trust comes from the fact that tanning solutions have made remarkable breakthroughs, similar to advancements salon owners have seen with hair color customization, gel nails and color-stay cosmetics.

Here’s a few things Concannon would like salon owners to know about the dramatic improvements in automated spray tan solutions.  
•    Multiple bronzer shades are available to match and enhance every skin tone
•    Odor reduction technology has been added to virtually eliminate the odor commonly associated with sunless tanning
•    Skin care additives have been infused into the solution to assure streak-free, even application, as well as an even fade
•    The tans look natural, even and beautiful for a longer period (6-8 days)  
•    Ingredients are safe and gentle: Naturally derived Eco-Certified DHA and Erythrulose

With 10 million automated spray tans per year, VersaSpa and Mystic Tan certainly have a multitude of loyal customers and, with that many tans, it seems like it may be time for salon owners to give automated spray tanning another look. To learn more, visit www.VersaSpa.com or www.MysticTan.com.

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