Spa Standard Owner Kelly Maack
Spa Standard Owner Kelly Maack
Rick and Kelly Maack

Spa Standard offers spa, beauty, massage and wellness industry based-knowledge and information through interactive online videos, courses, spa radio, live events, CE classes and articles. The variety of our resources underpins our goal to educate without dictating.

WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: We’ve spent years in the industry, working to understand how professionals in the field learn and grow most effectively. We founded Spa Standard on the idea of the peer-to-peer sharing, or Empathetic Exchange,™ of information and ideas. It’s through the help of our community of members that we are able to revolutionize how spa and wellness industry professionals learn, connect and inspire each other to improve. With Spa Standard, you choose what you want to learn when you want to learn it, all while networking with colleagues in your industry to gain both knowledge and mentorship.

HOW WE WORK: On our website,, we provide free content that anyone can access with a complementary introductory level membership—a unique resource for insider tips, tricks and general industry knowledge. We also offer paid memberships and courses, where users can access more in-depth and diverse educational content. Most importantly, we wanted the entire Spa Standard platform to be an open environment where members and non-members can come to learn, share and grow with each other.

CATCH US AT: On Facebook and Instagram. Sign up for a Free Introductory Membership on and join us as we learn, share and grow.

WORDS OF WISDOM: It’s critical that professionals are as dynamic as the industry trends; you must keep learning and continue to improve your craft. Knowledge is the key to longevity and success and sharing that knowledge with those around you will help you grow, both personally and professionally.

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