2016 Coaches and Consultants Guide: Qnity

Tom Kuhn

We help salon teams reach the next level of prosperity with training, tools and practices that are simple, visual and easy to implement. Outcomes of working with Qnity are higher cash flow, a more engaged/heart-centered culture and a simplified/scalable business model.

WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: Our TOOLS are designed to engage creative, visual learners, making it easier to get immediate results. Our growing COMMUNITY, include 175+ Ambassadors, who provide peer-to-peer support/inspiration.Our handpicked certified EDUCATORS/COACHES (working owners - including Jodi Ohama & Carrie Perkins - managers and creatives) help their fellow professionals reach their full potential.

HOW WE WORK: We offer:
1. Business education (onsite and virtual, for stylists and leaders).
2. Visual tools (e.g., 9Grid, QPlan, Prosperity Journal, QPics, Inner Circle, etc.) are available at the qnityinc.com store.
3. Personalized coaching, advisory services and other support (for salon leaders AND service providers).

CATCH US AT: Instagram: @qnityinc; Blog: qnityinc.com/blog/; YouTube; Facebook; Serious Business; our summer retreat; 2 to 10 Conference; see our calendar and list of classes at qnityinc.com

WORDS OF WISDOM: Simplify and go visual.

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