Eryn Harrison demonstrates the French Braid. (photo credit: Katherine Sansone)
Eryn Harrison demonstrates the French Braid. (photo credit: Katherine Sansone)Katherine Sansone

Eryn Harrison, owner of Calm, A Salon in Oakland, CA, raised over $1,100 in ticket sales by hosting two Mother/Daughter Braiding Parties. Proceeds benefited local school to support vital programs from math to library activities to help enrich the children's educational experiences, as well as tuition assistance.

“This event is not only teaching hair and braiding techniques it also gives busy moms and daughters an opportunity to spend time together and appreciate one another, which sometimes gets lost in our busy schedules," says Eryn.

Eryn, assisted by her talented staff who donated their time, began with the basics of hair care and onto several popular styles and braiding techniques.  She also encouraged daughters to be patient with mom learning a new skill and not to ask her right before school to try one of the new techniques. She highly suggests practicing on weekends and advises the daughters to be patient.  "This always alleviates frustration by both moms and daughters and assures the daughter the outcome is going to be as pretty as she hopes by giving mom time to practice without the pressure of having to get it right," explains Eryn, mother of two daughters herself, Ava, 9 and a 4th grader at Corpus Christi and Tatum, 18, a freshman at Pace University in Manhattan.

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