Andrew Dale, CEO and Founder of Unite
Andrew Dale, CEO and Founder of Unite

The first step in growing your salon business is surrounding yourself with the right team, says Andrew Dale, founder of Unite who also teaches the Paramount Business program to member salons.

“Finding the right people is about creating a team that fits your business DNA or brand,” Dale says. “They have to fit in your culture in order for everyone to move in the same direction and to achieve your overall business goals.”

For that reason, the interview process is of the upmost importance. “Hire slow; fire quick,” Dale advises. Here, Dale offers advice for the best steps in a strategic interview process:

Discovery: “In the first interview, ask open-ended questions that allow the candidate to answer freely and encourages them to talk about themselves,” Dale suggests. “It is with the answers that you will learn the most about them.”

Details: “During the second interview, make sure to explain the job in its entirety, including all the nitty gritty details, such as pay, hours, expectations,” Dale says. “The job description should be black-and-white—eliminate the gray areas.”

Evaluation: “In a third interview, evaluate not only their work, but their consultation and customer services as well,” Dale recommends. “Look at how they approach the service, what they do during the service and most importantly how the service finished. I encourage you to also have your top stylist evaluate the work, so long as you feel that they are able to do it in a professional manner.”

Dale recommends further slowing the hiring process by instituting a three-month trial period that is explained in the hiring contract—allowing both the salon and the candidate to gracefully back out if the culture isn’t a perfect fit.

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