STAMP 2015: Blo's In-Salon Event

X Years Old
Raleigh, North Carolina
Owned by: Bryan Nunes

When Bryan Nunes opened his salon 10 years ago, he excitedly had all the salon capes printed with the blo logo. It wasn’t until he draped his first client that he realized his mistake—in the mirror “blo” read as “old.”

Blo gave away phone cases with its' X Years of Wow' logo.

Poking fun at himself, he did something special for the salon’s 10th anniversary, making the 10 into a Roman numeral “X” and intentionally printing the blo logo in reverse, so it reads “X Years Old.”

“We printed more than 200 T-shirts and sold them for $10.10, and gave away iPhone 5 and 6 covers,” Nunes says. “Lastly, we sold all retail-sized products on March 8 for $10.10—it was a great day!”

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