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Service Spotlight: Bow to the Brow

by Elizabeth Jakaitis | September 1, 2015
A client's brows after the extension service.
A client's brows after the extension service.

Recognizing clients’ needs and providing them with solutions that no one else has offered is a sure way to attract new guests and retain a strong clientele. Rebel’tude Salon and Spa in Gig Harbor, Washington noticed that amidst the rise of bold brows, many clients complain of naturally thin or overplucked eyebrows. Esthetician Mindi Bergman specializes in eyebrow extensions, a service that provides these clients with thick, defined brows.

Salon/Spa name: Rebel’tude Salon and Spa

Owner: Mickey Evans

Who performs the service: Mindi Bergman

The brows before the service.

Process: Guests lie down and relax as individual eyebrow hairs are attached to either existing hair or to the skin itself to create a fuller brow or correct misshapen or missing brows. “This is done one hair at a time in a meticulous and precise manner that results in beautiful, natural looking eyebrows,” says Bergman.

Rebel’tude Salon and Spa offers four different levels of eyebrow reconstruction service:

  • Minor Brow Reconstruction — for naturally full brows needing minor attention, gap/scar fill-in or filling in a brow tail.
  • Half Brow Reconstruction — for good brows that need more fullness/shape completion, to add fullness to overplucked brows or to add a full tail to a brow.
  • Major Brow Reconstruction — very thin or very little natural brow hair; builds majority of brows.
  • Complete Brow Reconstruction — no natural brow hairs; builds entire brow.

Products used: Sugarlash’s Rectifeye Professional Brand Eyebrow Adhesives and Extensions

How long does the complete service last: Varies from 2-4 weeks depending on the type of attachment. Attaching extensions to existing eyebrow hairs will last longer than attaching directly to the skin.

Cost: $45-$175, depending on which level of eyebrow reconstruction is required.

Number sold per month: “We started with about ten a month and have already exceeded previous month’s bookings,” says Bergman. “We expect this service to grow in popularity as more people become familiar with what brow extensions are.”  

How it’s marketed: “We have been marketing through our social media,” says Bergman. “Plus, we have had a lot of word of mouth business from extremely satisfied guests.”

Target market: “Women of any age can benefit from this service,” says Bergman. “Whether you have naturally thinner brows or have misshapen them over time with aggressive tweezing, there is an application that will work for everyone.”

How the service contributes to Rebel’tude Salon and Spa’s success: “Adding brow extensions has given us a service that is primarily unavailable anywhere else. It has brought new attention to us and a buzz over an exciting, new service that most people have never heard of. Through the service we have gained new guests that have become salon guests as well, growing our overall clientele.”

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