You Said/He Said: What You Believe Male Clients Think Versus What Men Actually Say About Themselves

By interviewing two distinct populations of people—professional stylists/barbers and male clients—MODERN SALON Media's  Priority Male Study, which was underwritten by American Crew and Sport Clips, revealed some interesting differences about how professionals believe men think or behave versus what men say about themselves. Let’s take a look at some of the discrepancies:

>>>What Does A Men’s Haircut Entail?

        83% of You Say it comes with a wash and a blowdry

        39% of Men say it comes with a wash and a blowdry

>>>Cost of a Men’s Haircut

       You Say: $28.30

        Men Say: $18.50

>>>#1 Factor for Men Deciding Where to Get their Hair Cut

       You Say: Convenience to Work

       Men Say: Cost

>>>#1 Characteristic that Defines a Men’s Haircut

        You Say: Blending

        Men Say: Appropriate length of the Cut

>>>Do Men Rely on a Professional’s Recommendation on How to Cut & Style their Hair?

       You Say: Yes (67%)

       Men Say: No (46%)

>>>Primary Way Men Hear of a Salon/Barbershop

       You Say: Word of Mouth

       Men Say: Driving or Walking By

>>>Best Media to Get a Man’s Attention

       You Say: Social Media

       Men Say: Television

>>>On Recommending Products During a Haircut

       You Say: 97% are comfortable doing this

       Men Say: 66% say their professional doesn’t recommend products.


Learn more about what drives men’s grooming practices, including what they look for in a salon/barbershop, as well as what they want in a professional grooming experience, by checking out MODERN SALON Media's Priority Male Study.

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Originally posted on Modern Salon