Sheema Masood, technology and strategic planning team leader of the Charles Penzone Salons,...
Sheema Masood, technology and strategic planning team leader of the Charles Penzone Salons, located in Columbus, Ohio.

With a six-location operation headquartered in Powell, Ohio, Charles Penzone Salons depends on VNC Viewer to minimize problem-solving downtime when computer issues arise. This virtual network computing (VNC) technology allows Penzone’s IT team the ability to remotely view a computer terminal and “quickly react to situations when away from the office or even out of the country,” says Sheema Masood, Penzone’s information services manager.

“Since we have over 100 terminals across our six salons and call center operations, we are often tasked with many technology challenges at the same time. Being able to remote into our terminals allows for our team to react quickly and solve challenges in a timely manner,” says Masood. This technology benefits the team by allowing them to prioritize issues the team needs to handle for the day.

Penzone also implements Shadow Protect, an imaging solution that backs up their entire system, including servers, databases and applications, every minute. The program allows the IT team to restore a user back to their current state if something goes awry. “This technology allows us to hedge the risk of being debilitated by a computer virus or malware,” Masood says.

Penzone used a multi-year, phased approach to implement these systems, allowing the team to react to the change and come on board, says Masood. “Technology, especially the infrastructure of your organization, is extremely important to the longevity and sustainability of your business,” Masood believes.

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