5 Strategies to Improve Your Male Clients' Salon Experience

Summer arrives and everything’s “go!” When it comes to hair, men want a style and salon experience that is flexible and doesn’t halt the momentum. According to Julie Vargas, senior director of career opportunities at Sport Clips Haircuts, this means offering a salon environment and quality services without the fuss. Vargas shares five tips for creating a positive and speedy experience for the guy on the go.

1. Fingers only: Men are becoming more comfortable with the benefits of using a good finishing product. Recommend products that offer versatility for looks and create a style that can easily be molded using fingertips alone.

2. Easy breezy: Many men want shorter styles during the summer because they require less maintenance and are cooler. These cuts don’t typically require the same products suggested during the winter. Summer brings on a more active lifestyle—time spent on the beach, at a lake, on the golf course or an outdoor field—so less is best.

3. Time is of the essence: When building a male clientele, remember that convenience and flexibility are of the utmost importance. The more you can accommodate him and his time, the more appealing your salon becomes. It’s essential that an exceptional service is provided and that he feels the visit was a refreshing pause from his busy day.

4. Keep it simple: Guys are not usually fans of fluff or elaborate décor in a salon. Most prefer things simple, clean and consistent. Provide stations with a similar atmosphere and services that differentiate his experience at your full-service salon from the local barbershop.

5. Give them the abridged version: Men don’t spend as much time or money in a spa environment, but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate having a condensed version of the experience. A massaging shampoo and hot steam-towel treatment are relaxing elements that can easily be introduced to clients and are usually a favorite among men.

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Originally posted on Modern Salon