Media Relations: The Lost Art of the Press Release

One of the most often overlooked promotional opportunities is the press release. They can be mildly intimidating to those who haven’t written them in the past, or for those who don’t have anexisting relationship with someone in the media. Once you break through the intimidation factor, press releases are one of the most important and most often overlooked tools at your disposal.

Local media is your friend, and they’re always looking for positive stories, so be sure to capitalize on this.

Make a list of the local outlets in your area (TV, radio, major newspapers as well as the smaller and extremely valuable smaller print publications). Once you have this list, it’s easy to find out who to send updates and community news to.

Now, make a list of upcoming things that you could share with the media. Community events you’re supporting, upcoming seasons and hair trends, popular services at the salon that you can describe, quick hair tips that can easily be shared on TV, the list is endless.

If you haven’t sent releases in the past, and you don’t have friends in the media, it may take a bit of time to get traction from the releases you send. BUT, don’t underestimate the value of sending these releases. If the news desk has received an update from your salon every couple weeks for 4 months, and find themselves with a last-minute cancellation or suddenly needing someone that can discuss trends in hairstyles…who do you think they’ll call? They will remember you, you will be the first on the list, and you’ll have a chance to step up and become the thought leader in your field for the media.

Never underestimate the power of the simple, old-fashioned, press release.

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