Service Spotlight: Harmonic Healing Oil Treatment

In the bustling salon industry, the experience a client has in the chair is really the deciding factor whether he or she will come back. People can get a haircut anywhere, but Brianne Prince, owner of Brianne Prince Salon in Mason, Ohio, makes her clients look and feel wonderful with an oil-focused scalp cleansing and massage experience.

Salon/spa name: Brianne Prince Salon

Owner: Brianne Prince

Process: Scalp is massaged vigorously with Harmonic Healing Oil for 10 minutes prior to cleansing. Oil pre-softens hair; loosens dry, flaky skin from scalp; soothes dry scalp; clears away impurities and buildup; and stimulates hair follicle for optimal growth. “The aroma of Harmonic Healing Oil is completely comforting during the scalp massage,” Prince says. “Guests instantly relax and are prepped for an overall calm and pleasant experience at my salon.” Massage is followed by cleansing with Color Awakening Hairbath and finished with Color Radiance Conditioner.

Who performs the service: Brianne Prince

Supplies used: Innersense Organic Beauty Harmonic Healing Oil, Innersense Color Awakening Hairbath and Innersense Color Radiance Daily Conditioner

Innersense's Harmonic Healing Oil.

Duration: 10-15 minutes

Cost: $20

Number sold per month: 50 (and typically 15-25 bottles of oil sold for those 50 services).

How it’s marketed: “I bring it up prior to the cleanse service and let clients experience the sensory journey of Harmonic Healing Oil, which inspires questions about its benefits to the hair,” Prince says. “I always receive comments on how wonderful it says!” Prince says that clients are usually eager to take a bottle home and recreate the experience.

Target market: “Anyone who sits in my chair!” Prince says. Even healthy hair and scalp can benefit from the massage and relaxation, Prince says.

How the service contributes to Brianne Prince Salon’s success: Clients typically notice the health of their hair after the service and ask for it again on their next visit, according to Prince. “My greatest success remains their happiness and willingness to share their positive experience with others,” Prince says.

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