Jessica Soler
Jessica Soler

At some point in their careeer, everyone would love the a do-over--a second chance to say what they meant or act with the wisdom they acquire later. 

We asked the question: If you had the opportunity to change a decision you’ve made in professional career, what would you change and why?

When I first saw this question a couple of things came to mind. One is that I’m not sure I would have opened so many Salon Red locations. I have three adult salon locations and two children’s salons – Salon Red Kids. Juggling between so many places and managing such a large staff is definitely challenging at times.

I also have a spa at my Salon Red Candler Park location and if I could change that decision, I would for sure. Early on I was swept up in the day spa frenzy, and I opened a three bedroom spa with full body care, massage and nails. This was in 2002 and we had only been open for three years. The spa industry isn’t my true passion, so over the years that part of my business has dwindled down. We now have one spa treatment room for skin care purposes only--no nails and no massage.

I also think about timing and wonder if knowing what I know now, I might have made a move to become a bigger part of our industry sooner. When I first opened Salon Red I was hesitant to even stand in the place of Salon Red’s owner. I opened our first location at age 24, and I remember guests would often wonder and ask their stylist who the owner was not knowing I was two chairs down and right there in the space. For whatever reason, anonymity, confidence or just naivety, I was so focused on building the businesses and creating my family that I didn’t really think about the bigger picture and my potential impact on the salon industry. I’ve only just begun to make my mark, and I wonder if that’s just how things were meant to be. #everythinghappensforareason

--Jessica Soler, owner, Salon Red in Atlanta, GA




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Originally posted on Modern Salon