Kim Vō
Kim Vō

At some point in their careeer, everyone would love the a do-over--a second chance to say what they meant or act with the wisdom they acquire later. 

We asked the question: If you had the opportunity to change a decision you’ve made in professional career, what would you change and why?


I would have started sooner! Although, I was the youngest I could be--legally, that is. 

I also wish I would have known that there were more possibilities than what were presented to me. My mother was very traditional and wanted me to be a doctor, engineer or lawyer. Though all great fields, they weren't for me. I really wish there was a pre-cosmetology class during high school. 

A recent survey asked a pool of 80 year old men and women what advice they would have told their younger selves and most answered the same thing: Be in a career that you love! When you know what you love, have the courage to go after it. Once you find what you love to do, work isn't a bad four letter word.

---Kim Vō, salon owner,  Kim Vō at the Montage Beverly Hills, at the Montage Laguna Beach, at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas and in Park City, UT. 


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Originally posted on Modern Salon

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