VIDEO: Why Clients Review Your Salon

Ever had a client who left your salon blissfully happy after her fabulous service, or so it seemed at the time, only to go online a few days later and trash your business?

You are not alone. Recently, Shortcuts Software's camera crew cross-examined clients to find out what provokes people to kiss ‘n’ tell online.

Most clients Shortcuts met said they were happy with their salons and would leave positive reviews. But, frustratingly, they admitted they rarely did. Those that did go online to vent did so out of frustration because they felt they couldn’t get their message across to the salon – a complete breakdown in communication. What this means for you is that unless you take charge of the conversation proactively, many of your biggest promoters will stay silent and leave the path clear online for those with an axe to grind.

Truth be told, people don’t like confrontation. Few unhappy clients will say to your face, uninvited, what they truly feel about your service. Shortcuts' on-the-street investigation backed up what independent research has shown – businesses will only hear back directly from 4% of unsatisfied clients. So 96% of people who walk away unhappy will never tell you so, nor give you a chance to make it right – until you read about it online.

But it doesn’t have to be so heavily weighted towards the public put-down. Shortcuts salons can actively seek out clients’ views, making it as easy for them to voice their joy or disappointments within a few hours of leaving the salon. Shortcuts’ Spotlight enables their partner salons to automate the sending of friendly, simple and short online surveys to new clients to gauge how happy they were after their appointment.

Shortcuts also helps clients monitor their reputation online so they can respond quickly to any online grumbling, before it’s too late.

You can’t please everyone but with Shortcuts Software, you can be confident that your client communications are as open and honest as possible. In other words, Shortcuts makes sure that your client social media relationship statuses never change out of the blue, or fluctuate between ‘open’, ‘complicated’ or ‘single’.

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