An inside look at a luxury suite at Endz Salon Studios, which was launched in March by the...
An inside look at a luxury suite at Endz Salon Studios, which was launched in March by the owners of Salon Rootz, an employee-based salon in Medina, Ohio.

After losing three great stylists to booth rental salons, Sheila Barco and Jen Tryon, owners of the employment-based Salon Rootz in Medina, Ohio, faced a dilemma.

“We decided we needed to protect the investment we had made in educating our staff,” says Barco. “So we either needed to stop educating our team, or create our own opportunity for free-spirited, successful stylists who were ready to be their own entrepreneurs without the overhead of opening a salon.”

In March, the duo opened Endz Salon Studios, a luxury suite concept in the same shopping plaza as their Salon Rootz salon. At 3,000 square feet, Endz has space for 11 independent salon businesses that can house as many as 30 salon professionals—stylists are allowed to share the rental of a suite.

Jen Tryon and Sheila Barco, owners of Salon Rootz and Endz Salon Studios in Medina, Ohio.

Since the suite salon is owned by the owners of an employment-based salon who themselves started their business partnership as booth-renters, it represents the perfect hybrid environment—giving the right stylists the independence they crave while still providing the community of a successful salon. The owners work with interested stylists from their team—helping them evaluate their numbers and productivity to see if they are ready to be on their own, then coaching them on the financial costs and tax obligations of an independent stylist. Although attendance is not required, Salon Rootz welcomes the independent stylists to participate in any advance training sessions the salon hosts.

“Both Sheila and I want to revolutionize every aspect of a stereotypical booth rental salon beginning with our business support and ending with our concept of communal shampoo bowls,” states Tryon. “Not only do we want to create a luxurious environment for our professionals to practice their passion, we want to inspire them personally and professionally.”

Since the stylists who are transitioning from Rootz to Endz are staying in the family, Barco and Tryon are happy to provide their contact information and even provide the new tenants with marketing materials. It’s then up to the clients to decided whether to follow their service provider or find a new one within Salon Rootz.

“Moving from Rootz to Endz truly has been a dream come true,” says, Dee Jones, stylist. “Knowing I have my Rootz family backing me up and cheering me on has been the best part of this experience.”

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