You could have the most well-planned email campaign, but if you don’t have a growing list of subscribers – those clever, stylish emails you built could have a low return on investment.

When executed properly, email marketing can be one of the most cost-efficient and profitable ways to grow your business. In fact, some studies have shown that email marketing has an average of $40 return for every dollar spent.

But to make it work, you first need to get your message to the right people and capture their attention. Over a series of three blogs, I’m going to share simple strategies for boosting your client database, creating stand-out emails, and how to get your campaigns closer to that $40 ROI.

So what can your salon be doing to beef up your subscriber list?

Be compelling: Every single one of your clients or potential clients is being bombarded with opportunities to sign up for this and register for that.  So you need to start off with a proposition they can’t refuse and then continue to be just as attractive.

Make it exclusive: What do your subscribers get that others can only dream of? Treat them like VIPs, members of a very exclusive club by setting up special offers and fun client evenings just for them.

Sign them up early: Most salons are grabbing contact details of new clients, but many still run into problems. Probably the stickiest is transferring those details from the written form to the system. So why not convert that written form into a digital one and present it to clients on an iPad?

Give them a choice: Have a clear opt-in policy on your data collection forms. If they don’t want to receive news and offers, respect that. It’s all about trust. They might sign up next time.

Privacy: Have a clear privacy policy and then live up to that promise. Don’t be tempted to infringe clients’ rights by passing on data or sending emails when they don’t want them.

Think ‘piece of cake’: Make it super easy to join, using a quick link, and put it on all point-of-sale materials at the reception desk, at the styling station, on the manicure table and in your window display.

Take away special: Think about what your client may walk away with. Receipts? Promote your email specials on the back or bottom of every receipt. What else? How about your appointment cards, price list, flyers, loyalty cards, recommend-a-friend program? Don't forget any advertising you do. Let everyone know about your fantastic club.

Keep the team on your side: Your best promoters--your team--spending hours with clients, so make sure they are talking up your email offers and encouraging everyone in their chair or relaxing during a treatment to sign up ASAP.

Paul Tate, CEO Shortcuts

About Paul Tate: Paul Tate is CEO of Shortcuts Smarter Business Technology, which has provided intuitive online and offline support for more than 20 years to salons and spas around the world, offering solutions in nine languages to more than 14,000 clients in 46 countries. Shortcuts clients range from single-site businesses to multi-site chains. Designing systems specifically for the beauty industry, Shortcuts is continually updating its core products with the largest R&D team in the industry and business experts across all the major markets.

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Originally posted on Modern Salon