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Successful Property Strategies shows owners how to buy or build a building for their salon or spa. By being their own landlord, owners pay hundreds or thousands or even millions of dollars of future rent to themselves, creating retirement wealth and business security. There are several options like 90-100 percent financing that many salon owners don’t know how to access or are totally unaware of. We demystify commercial property and make ownership a reality.

WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: Founder and workshop leader Sam Beckford has personally helped hundreds of business owners across North America buy and build their own property since 2003. In 1999 before they even owned a house, Sam and his wife bought a small commercial property for their business. Today they own commercial property worth 11 million dollars that they owe less than 3.2 million dollars on. Sam is not just a consultant, he is living proof that his strategies and ideas work.

HOW WE WORK: Salon owners attend a two-day intensive property workshop at Sam’s waterfront conference center in Vancouver, Canada. (He has his own conference center because he doesn’t even like paying rent to hotels!)There are a maximum of 55 people per session so all questions are answered. At the workshop Sam shows owners strategies for finding properties, financing properties, buying buildings, renting out space to other tenants, easily increasing the value of a property and several other ideas. You are shown dozens of case studies of business owners that have bought or built properties. You also get to tour a 13,000-square-foot building Sam built in 2010 for one of his businesses to see how the property works from the inside out. After that workshop you have an opportunity to work directly with Sam to buy or build a property in your area.

WORDS OF WISDOM: Your commercial space is a huge expense that can be converted into wealth, but most business owners are unaware of how to do this. Education to help you buy just one property can change your life and retirement forever.  Most salons pay over a million dollars in rent over the lifetime of the business, why not pay it to yourself? Sam’s commercial property mentor in 1999 told him: “If you take good care of a commercial property for 15 years it will take good care of you for the rest of your life.”


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