You’ve heard of ethnic culture, work culture, brand culture, and probably hundreds of other types of cultures that you’re supposed to pay attention to when moving cities, seeking jobs or joining clubs. Culture has become such a buzzword that Merriam-Webster has recently named ‘Culture’ as 2014’s Official Word of the Year.

And, honestly…we agree! The importance of culture is huge and needs to be noticed!

There have been 100+ million searches per month including the word culture; job seekers are increasingly looking at company culture as a deciding employment factor, even over compensation benefits! It isn’t just jobseekers, who care about the culture of your company though, but also clients, business partners, and customers.

THIS is where social comes in! (Come on, you knew it was coming! We’re all about social.)

Social media is all about culture sharing.  However, more often than not, businesses fall upon using traditional marketing methods on social, becoming sales-y and promotional on their platforms; rather than appreciating and taking advantage of the reason that social works. Companies fail to recognize social culture as a separate entity from that of their office culture or even their advertising culture.

The key? It’s all about relationships.

Social culture is one where businesses can build personal relationships with their stakeholders - exemplifying the humanity and personality behind the brand. Don’t be afraid to ‘Friend’ potential business leads, post silly images about your favorite holiday traditions, or ‘Like’ articles that don’t necessarily directly relate to your products or services. Social culture isn’t about being able to sell your product - it’s about developing real relationships that connect you to your stakeholders on a level beyond a simple business transaction.

It’s about becoming a real person – and a personable brand.

So now that Merriam-Webster has made it official, will you pay attention? Culture is buzzing, and who knows buzz best? Social.


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