Cutting-edge Curriculum Gives Students an Online Advantage

Nuts and Bolts Training, a leading provider of business education programs for cosmetology professionals, has completely rewritten its curriculum to recognize the changing needs of young people growing up in a multimedia world.

The new Cornerstone series incorporates the latest research in effective teaching methods, adapting all materials for online learning; introducing video and multimedia support to provide up-to-the-minute information about critical applied business skills students need to build a successful career.

Recognizing that today’s new professionals need an ever-widening range of skillsets, the series includes a segment taking students through the finer points of financial literacy and develops their interview and job search skills. It also includes a ‘how to succeed in the job’ checklist covering the first 90 days of employment.

The latest wave of students at Nuts & Bolts-affiliated schools, who have grown up as digital natives living much of their lives online, can now access the same in-depth learning materials Nuts and Bolts has always specialized in, but in a format that more closely reflects the way they interact with the world in all other areas of their lives, on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

The fresh materials include a set of video interviews with successful professionals, who speak about the importance of applied business skills in developing a rewarding and long-lasting career.

Finally, Nuts and Bolts’ revamped support materials include an array of PowerPoint lesson plans, activities and practice quizzes that beauty school instructors can utilize in the classroom.

“It’s not enough these days to be a great stylist or therapist – you also need to know what it takes to be successful in business,” says Rich Hansberger, Nuts and Bolts VP of curriculum & business development. Our new curriculum brings in changes that give graduates the essential knowledge they need to succeed at all levels, and delivers it in a format that is far more user-friendly for students who are used to learning and accessing information on a screen.”

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About Nuts and Bolts Training Company: Nuts and Bolts Training Company is the leading provider of business development programs for the health and beauty industry. The programs, designed for students and professionals, are fast becoming the industry’s standard. Nuts and Bolts currently works with more than 70 of North America's premier beauty schools, and 40 elite salons are employing its pioneering training programs. Nuts and Bolts was pivotal in helping to design and introduce the Sassoon Academy School Connection program in 2008 and is a proud partner of Sassoon Academy worldwide.

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