Drive holiday retail sales by making skincare products gift-worthy.
Drive holiday retail sales by making skincare products gift-worthy.

While joyous, the holidays can at times be stressful, making the pampering skincare treatments salons and spas provide especially important. However, the seasonal onslaught of gift shopping and festive gatherings finds clients limited in both time and budget.

So, how do skincare professionals and salon owners ensure a holiday bottom line that is merry and bright?According to Control Corrective Skincare Systems Founder and President Ellen, holiday sales should be viewed not as a challenge, but as an opportunity.

“You can find tremendous success during the holiday period by simply making a few small adjustments to ongoing offerings,” said Clark. “It’s all about understanding the needs of your clients and providing services and products that they’ll be excited about.”

Clark offers the following tips for professionals who want to close out the year with impressive profits:

Feature express treatments. Be conscious of clients’ time and budget limitations by offering skincare treatments that are shorter and cheaper, yet just as results-driven as their full-length counterparts. Express treatments shave off time by simply skipping the “spa fluff,” like scalp massage, cold stones and aromatherapy, which benefit the spa experience more than the skincare result. Educate clients about the importance of a monthly facial, especially during cool winter conditions, and offer attainable, lunch-break-feasible options such as Control Corrective’s 10-Minute Cool Down; Clear Skin Assist; Lunch Time Express Peel; 15-Minute Firming Facial; Express Eye Firm; or Rapid Hydrating Mini Facial, all of which can each be completed in just 10 to 30 minutes.

Bring seasonal offerings to the spa menu. Arguably the best part of the holidays is the sensory experience – the sights, the smells, the sounds and the tastes. Build excitement among your clientele by bringing “spice” to your usual skincare menu with special offerings that celebrate the season, such as Control’s “Instant Holiday Glow,” a luminous facial with hints of cinnamon. Tailor treatments to address the seasonal climate, such as winter’s dehydrating conditions, and add simple, special touches that excite the senses. For ease of implementation, Control offers 24-hour online education to assist with product knowledge and training and can even provide colorful seasonal treatment descriptions that can be easily cut and pasted into your existing menu.

Make retail gift-worthy. Take holiday sales full-circle by creating festive and eye-catching product displays that support at-home care purchases. Make sure to educate clients on the importance of skincare “homework” post-treatment, and be able to easily point them in the right retail direction for products that will benefit their skin profile. Display gift-friendly items which offer a sampling of popular products in attractive packaging that will please any recipient.

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