STAMP 2014: Habitude's Loc Box Marketing Site

The Loc Box Marketing Site
Habitude Salons & Spas
Two locations in Seattle, Washington
Owned by: Inez Gray

For 2014, Habitude’s marketing strategy focused on weaning guests away from deep discounting marketing sites like Groupon and Living Social. “We wanted to eliminate the high commissions and be able to customize the little details, like offer a deal only Monday through Friday, for our own needs,” Gray says.

With a little research, she stumbled upon a new, in-house discounting platform, Loc Box. Habitude pays a monthly fee to use the service, and the salon is paid in full within three business days when a client purchases a service. The only deduction is a 2 percent credit card processing fee. In addition, the salon receives $100 in Facebook advertising. Since launching late last year, the salon has generated more than $100,000 in sales online and sold tickets to its Earth Month Cut-A-Thon, gift cards at prime holidays, and services in every department of the spa. The deal highlighted here was posted using the salon’s Facebook advertising dollars, had 69,000 views and generated more than $28,000 in one week.

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