Maintaining Appearances
Image is everything. That doesn't just apply to the finished looks that walk out your door but also the impression your salon interior makes when the clients walk in. To find out how to maintain appearances, SALON TODAY asked, "What should salon owners stay on top of to keep their décor fresh, and how often should salons plan for a major renovation?"

Paola Hinton
Five Senses Spa and Salon
Peoria, Illinois

“In our industry, visual appeal is the core part of our business. People come to us because we offer ways for them to look and feel good.

"Guests are drawn to service providers that look professional, have tidy hair and are able to suggest the appropriate services based on the guest’s wants and needs. The same can be said about our facilities. The environment where we showcase our skills influences the guest’s choice of where they want to frequent.

“Similar to keeping up with the styles and trends offered to our guests, the industry needs to keep their facilities up to date. This is everything from keeping up with the latest tools that allow staff to achieve better outcomes for guests, to changing décor or throwing a fresh coat of paint on the walls. It is important to care for your facility in the same way we suggest for our guests to care for their hair, nails and body.

“Major renovations are great indicators of growth and commitment, and can provide success when done correctly. Larger projects show commitment to the guests, staff and the community. As with any major decision, large undertakings must consider affordability and the return on investment.

"Owners must understand three things before moving forward with a major renovation/expansion:

1. What the business has to lose by not moving forward.

2. The logistics and impact on the business while in the process of a renovation.

3. What new expenses/processes/logistics are associated with the project after completion, and what new revenue numbers must be achieved to support the renovation.”

PERSPECTIVES: Keeping Décor Fresh and Planning Renovations
PERSPECTIVES: Keeping Décor Fresh and Planning Renovations

Renee Shakour
Interiors by R.G. Shakour
Westbrough, Massachusetts

“Refresh paint and wall treatments yearly, as these areas are the first to show wear in the salon. Following color trends will subliminally let your clients know you are on top of fashion and changing styles.

"Reception and retail zones should be refocused every 3-6 months. Redirecting customers to a new display, new style photos, highlights of new salon services and customer testimonials will peak interest with returning clients.

"Replacing or upgrading existing lighting fixtures with the latest technology will not only reduce your energy costs but can make a world of difference with clients seeing the true color of their hair. Full-spectrum lighting, which is similar to the natural sun, will bring out the depth and beauty of the style that artists have created.

"You wouldn’t promote hairstyles that are dated, so don’t promote a salon that is dated. Your salon interior should undergo a major renovation every 5-7 years. Be proactive about replacing your furniture; if you wait until it is broken down, it's too late."

Dr. Leon Alexander
Eurisko Design

“We are about to embark on a monumental shift in the evolution of the consumer. Technology has and will change the way consumers buy and experience services. The question is, what impact will this have on our industry? Are we prepared and ready to compete with serious retailers, service providers and marketers from outside the industry?

“Salons need to review their image every five years in order to seduce the consumer and create a buying environment that will maximize the potential of their business.”

PERSPECTIVES: Keeping Décor Fresh and Planning Renovations

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