DePasquale The Spa in Morris Plains, New Jersey, utilizes its services to appeal to a big spring and summer market: brides! Its Bridal Beauty Boost service is a facet of a marketing program created by the spa with help from its bridal coordinator.

SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Bridal Beauty Boost at DePasquale The SpaDescription: The Bridal Beauty Boost is an express service to brighten, plump, hydrate and add glow to a client’s face with no extractions.

Process: If the client has make-up on, it will first be removed with make-up remover. Then the face is cleansed and toned with Cures Gentle Cleansing Milk and Cures Sea Mist Toner. Two pumps of Cures Cérum Vitamin C Therapy come next, and then the face and neck are massaged with Cures Wrinkle Preventor. A re-elasticizing mask is mixed with Cures Line Refine Serum and applied to the face and neck, and the mask sets for 10 minutes, then gently peeled off once it has gone from a cakelike consistency to a hard, rubberized one. Anti-aging product is applied around the eyes, and the treatment is finished with moisturizer.

Who performs the service: A licensed facialist

Supplies used: Cures Eye Makeup Remover, Cures Gentle Cleansing Milk, Cures Sea Mist Toner, Cures Cérum Vitamin C Therapy, Cures Wrinkle Preventor, Cures Re-Elasticizing Mask, Cures Line Refine Serum, Cures Age Defyer Moisturizer

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: Starts at $50 and increases by level of facialist experience and years of dedication.

Target market: Clients who want tightening, rehydrating, brightening and plumping benefits or just a pick-me-up but have limited time. Can target to brides — especially in the spring and summer.

How it’s marketed: The DePasquale bridal coordinator organizes Bridal Brunches throughout the year to show brides all the services offered by DePasquale — both on-site services for the big day as well as in-salon services.

In addition to the brunches, the spa works closely with bridal magazines and newly engaged brides. The staff has an email list of newly engaged brides and their wedding dates and contacts them one month out for a facial, closer to the wedding for a honeymoon-ready bikini wax and one week prior to the wedding for the Bridal Beauty Boost service.

Number sold per month: 30-45

How the service contributes to DePasquale The Spa’s success: The service has enabled DePasquale Spa to market to the a wide range of people. They are able to appeal to brides as well as clients who simply don’t have a lot of time for pampering, such as working women and mothers.

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