The Business of Hair Color: Time Management

The Business of Hair Color: Time ManagementIn addition to talent, a colorist’s greatest resource is his or her time—and that time is what the client is booking in addition to the expertise. Time is limited unless a colorist has access to multiple assistants.

“But there is a way to maximize a colorist’s current schedule more effectively and boosting color revenue,” says Dennis Bernard, founder of The Color Accelerator, or TCA. “With just a few drops added to the formula, TCA allows stylists to cut their processing time by a third, and in some cases take it to four-10 minutes.”

The anti-oxidant properties of TCA give the hair great condition and help eliminate fading, says Bernard, and the drops are fast and easy to mix in any brand of color. And, the ability to process more clients per day means more revenue for the salon and colorists alike.


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