The Business of Hair Color: Get the Right LightColorists do their best work when they can SEE what they are doing. White walls, light finishes, white ceilings and even white shampoo bowls help colorists read color correctly, stresses color guru Beth Minardi, who also is co-founder of Minardi Color Perfect Lighting by Eco-Lite Systems. “The system combines ambient lighting, task lighting and facial light to balance and blend the warm and cool tones of natural daylight,” says Minardi. “And, it’s an eco-friendly system that saves salons money on electric bills, produces far less heat and reduces how often bulbs need to be changed.

“We’ve had amazing results with Minardi Lighting, the colors are true and the ambient lights cast a great glow on our clients’ faces—which makes them both happy and pretty,” says Stephanie Huffman, owner of Echo Salon in Guilford, Connecticut. “We save a lot of money on our energy bills, too.”Shop Modern Salon - Beth Minardi

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