Tips for Going Zero WasteThe process of becoming a Zero-Waste Salon and Spa is about changing your mindset, stresses Tamara Jercha, sustainability coach and the founder of The National Association of Eco-Friendly Salons and Spas. At first, it may seem like a hassle to put extra thought into which trash bin to use, but before long it will become habit. And, you’ll know you’re making a difference in the environment.

When taking an item to the trash, Jercha recommends considering the following…

Can it be reused?

Can it be repurposed?

Can it be recycled?

"There are many areas in the Zero Waste Study to use as a starting point to lowering waste. You don’t need to go ‘all in’ like the Jonathan Kane Salon did, but follow you own path and take the first step," she says. Click here to read about the Jonathan Kane Salon and its Zero Waste Study.

1. Start by choosing to eliminate one type of waste.

2. Get the whole team on board, and make it the new norm.

3. Once that one is accomplished, choose a new area.

When you’re ready to go bigger, TerraCycle has launched a revolutionary new program called “Zero Waste Box.” This program allows salons, manufacturers, sales people, and any home or individual to send in 100 percent of their waste, including plastic wrappers from product deliveries, foil hair coloring tubes and even hair trimmings. Interested participants will be able to purchase designated bags for a large number of waste streams to truly go ‘zero waste.’



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