The Fast-Changing Salon Market: A Designer's PerspectiveThe salon and spa industry is changing at a fast pace. Never has the importance of interior design been more critical for encouraging the consumer to purchase products or services.

If we, as consumers, make decisions based on excellent interior design concepts; then the choice of design is based on positive emotions. The first interior design concept for a salon or spa is for you, the owner to understand how your customers thinks and feels when buying beauty services and products.

Color and interior design trends change approximately every three to five years. From a pure business perspective, owners should redesign or remodel within this time period because good design positively influences consumer psychology. The true purpose of good interior design is to affect a salon or spa’s bottom line, including productivity, employee/client relationships, retention, retail, service and sales.

The interior design of a salon or spa can immediately impact a customer either positively or negatively. When individuals enter a great space, their senses (emotions) are heightened. They become excited about the upcoming service and confident in their choice of salon or spa.

The Fast-Changing Salon Market: A Designer's PerspectiveA strong retail area is designed to expose the largest amount of products to the greatest number of customers for the longest amount of time. The salon or spa retail area needs to strategically place merchandise in the consumers’ walking path and field of vision in a manner that invites consideration with positive interior concepts.

Leslie McGwire, Allied, ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) has more than 29 years in business development, interior design, and sales and marketing services for the health, wellness, fitness, beauty, healthcare and hospitality environments and retail, salons, hotels, resorts and spa-based businesses. She is president of Leslie McGwire & Associates which specializes in the beauty and spa industry with hundreds of projects in the portfolio, including award-winning design. From concept to creations, McGwire offers premiere design services anywhere in the US or abroad. She also is an industry educator and a frequent speaker at trade shows. For more information, contact



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