WINNERS! My clients say I'm the smoothest stylist because_______We asked you on Facebook what makes you a smooth operator and, specifically, why your clients consider you the “smoothest” stylist going so we could share a NEW Agave Healing Vapor Iron with our 10 winning responses.

Our fill-in-the-blank question was answered with hundreds of inspiring, creative, funny and moving replies. In the end, we selected the top ten to win this new tool that will create “sleek, shiny hair on a deeper level.” We’re messaging you on Facebook to get your address so check your IN-Box!

Fill in the blank: My clients say I am the “smoothest” stylist because _________...

Gabrielle Vossler Because I teach my clients how to protect their hair from heat damage and educate them on why it's important. This way they can get great smooth hair every day while keeping their hair healthy and sleek!

Candy Nicole Roth I work the smartest not the hardest!

Susie Denham My clients say I'm the smoothest stylist because I'm always offering my opinion on different looks, and exploring all the options for their hair needs. I don't settle for one look, one line or one product!

Dana Timko Lee When I go to work I check my baggage at the door and glide through my day with confidence and make that time all about my clients.

Rebecca Stover I'm the smoothest stylist because education training and keep up with the latest tools and trends are always on my schedule!

Veronica Wirges Because I take the time to make sure they know how to duplicate the look at home, which means they do part of their style themselves! In my salon I demonstrate the technique to them at first, hand the tools to them for a hands on lesson, and then give them pointers and tips as I put the finishing touches on their look before they leave. Which has them looking great, feeling confident at their ability to use those new products they just bought, and drives my referral business.

Christy Werelus My clients say I'm a smooth stylist because I'll have them fresh pressed and looking like a million bucks.

Danielle Sistler Davis My clients say I'm the 'smoothest' stylist because they get a thorough consultation whether its their 1st or 101st time in my chair, allowing me to successfully 'polish' their style and allow them to 'shine'.

Erika Compean My clients say I'm a smooth stylist because even the most tender headed client can actually relax and enjoy any service in my hands. They say I have the smoothest, angel like hands lol. No matter how curly and tangle mess your hair is I know all the tricks and have the patients to treat them with TLC!

Victoria Crowley My clients say I'm the smoothest stylist because of the knowledge and passion I hair for not just the client but the overall health of the hair from beginning to end!

WINNERS! My clients say I'm the smoothest stylist because_______ Designed by Fernando Romero, award-winning hairdresser and the founder and president of Bio Ionic, the Agave Healing Vapor Iron joins a series of tools created by stylists, for stylists.  “It’s an incredible, amazing tool for conditioning your hair,” says Romero. “The real magic of this iron is the removable cartridge.”

In the arm of the iron, the cartridge can be filled (and refilled as necessary) with Agave Healing Oil which heats-up along with the steam-powered NanoIonic Mineral plates.  When the oil, a rich blend of Blue Agave Nectar, Coconut, Vanilla, Sunflower and Madagascar Baobab Seed Oil, transforms into a vapor, the Vapor Button releases it from the heated plates simultaneously capturing this hydrating mist and sealing it into the hair. The treatment smoothes the cuticle, seals dry ends and imparts new shine to dry, fly-away hair.

Other features of the Agave Healing Vapor Iron include:

• 1.25-inch barrel

• A variable temperature control up to 420 degrees for smoothing different hair types and textures

• A removable/refillable Vapor Infusion cartridge Vapor Button to release Vapor Infusion from iron plates

• 9-foot swivel chord

• Includes a 5oz. Vapor Smooth Conditioner

Congratulations to our winners and keep on smoothing!

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