Spreading the Word: Alopecia Part 1

Spreading the Word: Alopecia Part 1

What is alopecia? Well, to put is simply it is a miniaturization of hair.  What does that mean really? When a hair follicle is deteriorated by pollutants or toxins, it causes the hair to become smaller and finer until the follicle remains in the telogen (resting) phase. Crazy right?

Alopecia affects nearly 2 percent of the population. This means you are seeing clients who may be experiencing this problem. Have you taken my hair loss awareness challenge from my last blog yet? If you have, how is it going? If you haven’t, why not challenge yourself to learn more?

It’s very important to understand the different forms of alopecia and what causes them in order to help your guests who are going through the physical and emotional stresses of hair loss.

Let’s first start with Androgenetic Alopecia. This is a form of hair thinning which is hereditary. It is estimated that of the women experiencing hair loss and thinning, 70 percent is attributed to Androgenetic Alopecia – that accounts for over 30 million women. Generally, they experience a gradual, diffused thinning over the tops or crowns of their heads while often keeping their frontal hairline.

The second major form of alopecia is Alopecia Areata. September is actually National Alopecia Areata month (did you know) because the beauty community realized the affect, both physical and emotional, that Alopecia Areata has on a woman. This form of alopecia is brought on by an immune system disorder and causes the hair follicle to abruptly stop growing, resulting in patches of baldness or thinning. 

The most common way women experience Alopecia Areata is a circular patch of hair loss about 1-10 centimeters in diameter. A lot of times this form is triggered by stress as clumps of hair begin falling out.

If your clients are experiencing hair loss or thinning, understanding the differences in the type of alopecia is important to properly being able to fix it. Make sure to check back as I will be discussing the less common forms of alopecia.

Again, continue to take my hair loss awareness challenge. Educate yourself so you can help your clients who are experiencing hair loss. Please feel free to contact me or read my blog at JeffreyPaulBlog.com if you have questions!

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