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Editable Video App Makes Brand Films Easy for All Salons

by Valorie Reavis | August 28, 2013

The emergence this week of new video app and online community MixBit proves homespun films are becoming one of the most important ways for a salon to showcase and promote its team and its brand.

Billionaire YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen may have lagged behind Twitter Vine and Instagram Video with the launch of their new video-focused community and mobile phone video app, but MixBit’s ability to offer phone-based editing for the first time will make it hugely popular with the beauty industry, according to social media expert.

The power of video within this industry should not be understated and the investment by the major players in social media proves this is the way forward. Clients will be engaged with the salon experience by seeing a salon’s work at the touch of a button. MixBit, with its edit function, makes it even easier for salons to make fun, brand-promoting films.

The free MixBit software app allows users to make 16-second films, a second longer than Instagram Video and ten seconds longer than Twitter Vine. Users can also edit together, on a mobile phone, up to 256 clips in a single video presentation. This gives stylists, therapists and salon owners, who are amazing at what they do but inexperienced film-makers, the flexibility and confidence to video their work. Salons will also have the option to upload content to the MixBit community, where it could be viewed by millions.

‘They can let their creativity loose, editing together many films, including an opening scene of a finished look that leads into a step-by-step, or the nail-by-nail creation of an amazing manicure. There are 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. Video is the future and MixBit makes it easier for everyone to join in,’ added Valorie.

The MixBit app is currently free to download for iPhones and iPads and will be released to androids shortly.

Valorie Reavis is part of Linkup Marketing, an online and social media marketing specialist focusing on search engine marketingsalon email marketing programs and social media marketing for salons and spas. If you have any queries for the Linkup team check out the website, email [email protected], find them on or follow them on Twitter @linkupmarketing.


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