Behind the Brand: Basim Shami, CEO of Farouk SystemsThe 2013 Farouk Systems Conference at the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, Mexico, brought together thousands of hairdressers and salon industry professionals from across the globe. This sold-out event hosts pros from more than 120 countries, all seven continents and from every area of the industry: from hairdressers, salon owners and managers, distributors, Farouk partners, educators and platform artists.

In this interview, MODERN SALON gets the opportunity to sit down with Basim Shami, the CEO of Farouk Systems, to learn more about what it means to "join the revolution," news about where the brand is going, and his plans to continue innovating the brand that his father, Farouk Shami, launched more than 25 years ago.

MODERN SALON: Basim, there are thousands of hairdressers here in Cancun at the Moon Palace Resort, and each year it seems the Conference gets bigger and better. What does it mean for you, as the newest leader of the company, to see all the industry come out to support the Farouk Systems family?

BASIM SHAMI: It's very, very exciting to be here in Cancun! Not just for me, but for the hairdressers and the whole indsutry to learn more about our brand, and to see just how big Farouk Systems family is. This company started with innovation by using silk in our hair care products, and we innovated again with our ammonia-free hair color, and then again by using ceramic technology in our hair dryers and flatirons. Now, we're using touch-screen technology, made famous by the iPhone, in our hair dryers and flatirons. We're always taking it to the next level--not only do we use ceramic technology, but we've also now blended it with titanium technology.

MODERN SALON: Farouk Systems just announced some major industry news while at this Conference. You will be participating in New York's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week as a hair care sponsor AND you've also launched a new website for professionals. Tell us about that.

BASIM SHAMI: We are very excited about New York Fashion Week--and even more excited that so many of our stylists will be able to participate with us. We've had long partnerships with Miss Universe, Miss USA and Celebrity Apprentice--it's all about working in beauty in every area of the industry. Our new website makes it easy for the professional stylist to learn more about how to use our products, hair color and tools, and how to achieve the styles they're looking to create. Farouk Systems never stops--we're always at the cutting edge, and always the leader. Please, join us and learn more about our company.

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