Club Intrigue: Stylists Educating StylistsEntering Intrigue Salon in Atlanta Georgia and witnessing the packed house that has overflowed into the waiting area is an indication of just how big its education events have become.  Club Intrigue offers a forum for education unlike any other. All are welcome in the salon, regardless of brand affiliation or the size of their salon. It’s an inclusive environment, and it’s generating buzz among stylists all over the Southeast.

This innovative educational forum takes place in the salon itself, just after closing time instead of a convention center space or a sterile meeting room. The audience is positioned up close to the guest speakers, in a stylist’s everyday environment, which enhances the experience—a communal atmosphere adding to the unpretentious setting. 

Candy Shaw, owner of Atlanta’s Jamison Shaw Hairdressers is a frequent attendee.a frequent attendee says, “People put their guards down here, it helping them to really grow.”

Over its two year history, each Club Intrigue event has seen the audience attendance grow exponentially. The unique educational opportunities are open to all stylists and cost nothing to attend. This new community learning has created better communication among hairdressers, forging networks and friendships, a natural exchange of knowledge and ideas. At any one time, there can be up to 150 hairdressers from more than 30 salons in attendance.

Club Intrigue: Stylists Educating StylistsClub Intrigue recognizes that everyone has something to contribute and learn, that’s why it looks to the salon community as a whole, not just within its own salon. The most recent event featured stylists from six salons sharing their skills. Most notable Nick Arrojo, owner of Arrojo Studio, says, “Intrigue’s commitment to education in the community is helping to elevate the standard of hairdressing in the Atlanta market.”

A desire to develop the skills of our salon community is the goal of these events and this is evident by their open nature.  Multiple techniques ranging from razor work to color placement. Some of the most influential people in the business have been involved with Club Intrigue, and each because of their love of the craft despite busy careers and commitments. 

Van Council, at the most recent event, says he attends, because, “I love hairdressing. I like what Jeff South is doing, bring our community together to make us all better.”

Jeff South, owner of Intrigue Salon and founder of Club Intrigue invests copious amounts of time and energy into the events.His passion for the industry is his motivator to help it continue to grow.  “It’s rewarding to watch this movement’s growth,” South says. I’m so grateful for all the support from our community for these events. It’s incredible what people are learning and sharing at Club Intrigue.”

As James Madison, of James Madison Salon, puts it, “We have to open the door and reach out and get help from fellow hairdressers and Club Intrigue is just the place to open these doors.”  

With these open minds, the connections between hairdressers are made. Karen Covington of Lava Salon, says these are events, “where everyone is connecting together...everyone is passionate, the impact of connections made at Club Intrigue could influence the industry for years to come.” 

Club Intrigue: Stylists Educating StylistsAs the movement continues to grow more stylists (both local and international) are volunteering their knowledge.  Club Intrigue has events scheduled throughout 2013, and has created to keep people updated. 

Open educational forums such as Club Intrigue benefit all in the industry, providing bonds in our community and strengthening the culture within our salons.  Club Intrigue's grassroots nature has gotten down to what really drives education, the people. Andthese people are motivated to raise the bar across the industry and control the direction for the future, stylist educating stylist.

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