Proper use of your Haircutting chair is a key to men’s haircutting success and longevity. Using your chair correctly can add clients to your business, dollars to your wallet and years to your career.

Here are my top tips for making the most of what your chair can do for you as the powerful tool it is supposed to be.

Be the King of Your Throne

Go for a spin – Your chair turns.  Turn it.  Turn your chair towards the door when it is empty.  This signals a welcome greeting and your readiness and availability to serve a client when they arrive.  Turn it so that the section of the head you are cutting is facing you and perpendicular to the mirror.  This lets you assess contour, silhouette and outlines in perspective.  You can’t cut what you can’t see.  Turn it instead of turning you.  Put the miles on the chair, not on your feet.  Bring your work to you instead of going to it.

Rise to the occasion - Raise and lower your chair in relation to where you are cutting on the head.  Raise the chair up high to trim necklines and polish tapers.  Lower the chair down to work overhead when layering and top cutting.  Position the client at the proper height for their height and your height.  Proper chair height will take strain off your back and shoulders.

Back away – Pull the chair out away from your styling station.  There should be plenty of room for you to comfortable walk between the chair and the countertop.  Full mobility around the chair and access to your entire station is necessary for good cutting. Excessive bending, reaching, stretching and stooping make for a painful day and a shortened career.

Get out front – When conducting a consultation with a client turn the chair so the client faces you.  Speaking over their shoulder to their reflection in a mirror is impersonal and uncomfortable.  Conduct consultations face-to-face, not face-to-mirror.  Turn the chair to do this properly.

Face forward – Turn the client to the station mirror and hold the hand mirror behind them to show off your work, allow their inspection and secure their approval.  They do not know how to find their head of they are holding the hand mirror.  Make things easy for them and they will make business easy for you.

Your chair is number two of four environmental tools you must understand and master to build your men’s haircutting business.  Click back here next time to learn about tool number three.

Happy clippering.



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