McClive Learning Group's Innovative, Online Retail CourseHow would you like an exciting, yet low-cost way, to increase your salon or spa's sales by at least 25 percent, while strengthening loyalty at the same time?

    McClive Learning Group-Online is transforming beauty retail education and leading it into the 21st century.  Over a nine-month period in 2012, the company created “Selling Beauty:  Your Role In Increasing Sales & Client Loyalty” which they promise can increase a salon or spa's sales by at least 25 percent in a matter of weeks. The innovative, online course is targeted to salon and spa staff, and offers critical coaching and support materials for owners and managers as well.

    The entire course is just 2.5 hours in length, and it it broken into just seven modules (sections) that are each about 20 long.  This means that staff can access and go through a course module at any time it is convenient for them, from any computer – at the salon/spa, from home, or anywhere.   This also means they do not have to book out for day, and lose business, to receive training.

    About the McClive Learning team:  

    Susan McClive is an expert in sales training, with over 25 years of experience with all types of retail businesses.  She conducted cross-selling and communication classes for Canyon Ranch Spa personnel, and is very familiar with the salon industry as a customer and through her family, as she grew up in a family with many salon stylists.  Her great uncle was the late great “Michael of the Waldorf” who owned 4 salons from New York to Florida, and had many film and stage stars and 2 US First Ladies as clients over 3 decades. 

    Vincent Palumbo has more than 25 years of experience in the salon industry, and owns the Vincent Palumbo Salon in Westport, CT., which has an outstanding reputation in the Northeast. Vincent is chair of the advisory board, and has provided valuable insight throughout the course development process.  It is his staff and salon you will see in the videos embedded into the course.

    Dianne Home began her career in the beauty industry as a stylist, and quickly progressed to managing and then owning a salon. After running her own successful salon for a number of years, she was recruited by a major beauty/pharmaceutical corporation and as a regional sales manager at a corporate level, delivered results and received multiple sales awards.

    Kim Horner came to McClive Learning Group, Inc. after working in the field of educational sales for a number of years.  She has been an integral part of the course development. 

    Here's what the 7 modules cover:

    Module 1:  An introduction.  Why cross-sell products and services.  What’s in it for me?

    Module 2:  Communication skills, including cross-generational conversations, positive word choices etc. The  SALESolution™ Process:  Start, Ask, Listen, Educate, Secure!

    Module 3:  Start the conversation.  Staff learns how to start a conversation to engage the client in a conversation about themselves.

    Module 4:  Ask questions.  Staff learns how to ask types of questions that gather useful information about the client’s interests, needs, lifestyles, beauty concerns etc.

    Module 5:  Listen actively.  Staff learns how to hear and correctly interpret what clients say by acknowledging them, which also builds a connection and rapport.

    Module 6:  Educate.  Staff learns how to suggest, position and endorse products and services so that that clients become open to something that is new or different for them..

    Module 7:  Secure a “yes” or a next step.  And, staff learns how to turn around an initial ‘no thank you’ into a “yes”

    What happens when staff opens up a module? They will see slides with key points on each, and an audio voice that elaborates on the key points.  On the left side of the screen is an outline that lists the key points covered in the module, and also a tab that when clicked includes the text of what the voice is saying.  The course contains many interactive exercises, and video examples as well. 

    How much is it?  And, how do I get it? The course is easy to license from the www.McCliveLG-online website.  An owner, or a staff member, can license the course with a credit card.  Owners, licensing the course for 6+ individuals receive discounts between 10 – 20%.  A single license costs just $175, and an individual can access each module 4 times over the course of a year.  So, for the cost of one or two haircuts, or services, each staff member who takes the course should be able to generate a 25% increase in revenues to the salon and/or themselves

    What’s different from taking a course like this in a classroom with an instructor?

    It is not product specific; rather, it addresses all/any of the products and services your staff could offer your clients.

    Staff can complete a module quickly during a break at work, or in their off-time at home.  This means that they do not have to take time off from work to take the course!

    Staff can repeat the course whenever they like, up to 4 times during the year, as a refresher.

    Staff receives a “course summary sheet” which they can keep at their stations and use.

    Other benefits include:

    Owners are able to print out tips and tools on how to coach, support, and hold their staff accountable for their efforts in implementing what they learn in the course. 

    Owners and managers can view staff progress by reviewing what staff writes in their participant guides.

    Owners and managers have the option to receive a free monthly newsletter, with tips and tools to support their staff.  And, they may email us with questions, suggestions etc.

    Staff also has access to a free monthly newsletter, which provides tips and tools.

     For more information: Visit, and you can view a demo of the course, and license the course using a credit card.  As soon as this process is completed, the person licensing the course receives an email confirming, along with instructions on how the individual or staff members can access the course.

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