Recently on FIRST CHAIR and SALON TODAY's Facebooks, we posted a TIP OF THE DAY. After some positive feedback, we decided that it would be beneficial to update this article every week with a new tip for cosmetology students, stylists, colorists and salon owners to interpret however they would like.

We would LOVE to hear about your tip of the week for other beauty professionals. If you have a valuable tip that you would like to share with the MODERN SALON MEDIA community (for either MODERN SALON, SALON TODAY or FIRST CHAIR), feel free to send it to Associate Editor Lauren Salapatek at If your tip is used in this article, you will be notified. (Please keep your tip to four sentences or less.)

MOST RECENT TIP: "Your stylists should get in the habit of giving new clients 3 business cards upon completion of their service. This gives the client a card for themselves and two to give to anyone who compliments them on their hair. It's an easy way to build a clientele." --Alex Carbone, salon owner and stylist

From 52 Weeks to Greatness With Master Coach Eric Fisher:

TIP: Today and every day from here on out, make sure that the client leaves with a styling lesson.

During the last 20% of the blow-dry, hand them the brush and dryer and coach them to perfection. Explain how the products are applied, which brush is needed for the desired results, how dry their hair should be before using a brush and how to use finishing products. --Source: 52 Weeks to Greatness With Master Coach Eric Fisher

If they don't look good, you don't look good.

TIP: This day and every day from now on, reduce your overhead and increase profits by watching your color waste. Start by under-mixing, not over-mixing. Charge the client for extra color used. Calculate the price per ounce for your color. Get an empty milk jug and pour all the leftover color into it instead of down the drain. Do this for a week, and then multiply that by 52 weeks: That's how much over-mixing is costing you.

TIP OF THE WEEK for Stylists, Colorists and Salon Owners

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