You can’t spend 2.5 billion dollars and get nada in return, or can you? Regardless, if you are a political person or not, or if you won or lost in the 2012 election, it is a huge lost oportunidad not to reap something from such passionate wagering of dinero and ambition. Some of the winning and losing strategies can really apply to your business.

 First,politica and religion forever remained a taboo topico for me in the salon. Clients will try to engage you, but don’t take the bait. Believe me, you just can’t win with this topico. Hold your beliefs dear, pero, very much to yourself.

Five Election Lessons Salons and Stylists Can Use Now

Here is a Nuevo marketing acronym for you: LAAANA: (Latino, African American, Asian, Native American). Minorities came out in record numerous and influenced the 2012 election. Expect increased importancia on minorities. News round table discussions, the morning after the election, all had a Latino and an African American commentator. That was rápido.

 Failure to win an election, as of this writing, is attributed to a lack of inclusion of minorias in the decision proceso. Be on the lookout for oportunidades to offer your services to all minorities. Beware: this is not about finding a darker face and putting it on a poster, it means making a seat at the responsibility/benefits table.

Here are additional insights from the 2012 election:

1. Spend more dinero on your product/service than on marketing.

Look at the billions of dolares spent convincing people to vote in national and local elections, often to no avail. Work on the messenger, in this case your product/service. If your servicio is not bueno, no amount of Groupons will change this.

 2. Win by offering the best, not by badmouthing your competencia. How many times did you turn down the volumen for another negative ad? It’s so obvious: you need to raise your salon quality bar, not offer a poor alternativaby listing your competition’s faults. Take the high camino.

 3.Offer everyone a shot at success by never overlooking any market segment. Todo mundo, regardless of race, ethnicity, or beliefs can look his or her best. What a motto: “I can make you look your best, or, I can bring out your best features.” Often, we confuse our work with a bellezacontest, it’s not about who is the prettiest, it’s about todos exploring options to look and feel their individual best.

4. Present yourself as an equal opportunity salon professional.There will be clientes you don’t agree with, some you may really not like, but you are there to fix their cabello, not their vida. If you remember this, some of the comments will not get to you.

 5. Tell the truth and keep your promesas. When you run tarde for an appointment, you broke a promise to a client; Get a reputacion for sincere recommendations. I never offered a service because of my casa payment, but because it looked bueno on the cliente, she could work with it and afford the maintenance.

Also obvious: tell the truth, and then you don’t have to recordar what you said. Best way is to escuchar much more than you speak. Let the client speak, it’s their nickel.

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Carlos Valenzuela, president of Carlos Valenzuela Resources, is a Latino marketing consultant, a licensed instructor, author, and motivational speaker.
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