When you work from a home office and your only employees are the ones in the mirror staring back at you and not salon mirror, you find ways to socially interact with the world, hence my Thursday morning meeting with the working world at Starbucks.   I find the conversations and inaudible chatter a fresh reprieve for me; it does feel like my days in the salon, movement, energy and good people watching. 

Brand Moments

While standing in line 12 people deep, I noticed the coffee brand called “Indivisible Blend”, the tag line reads “Americans Helping Americans Create Jobs”.  I have been listening to the political agendas of our supposed country leaders for weeks now and here in Starbucks was a message I could align with.  Buy a pound of coffee and proceeds will go to a fund (createjobsforusa.org) to help create jobs for USA, simple right? I like coffee, I am an American, I want more people to have jobs so our economy will improve and people can spend more money on beauty products and services.

 All good reasons to invest, Key word here…INVEST.  Iinvested in a bag of coffee and felt good in that moment. I felt that I contributed and that I do have a choice and a voice… especially on caffeine.

 So what is your message of the week or month that you are sharing with your clients that has them align with you or your business and maybe even a cause?

It doesn’t have to be one style or product or master tagline, there can be many bags of “coffee” with some other message on it. Brand messaging is about creating connections, being consistent, and engaging your clients withtimely promotions and opportunities that create an emotional response to you and your business.

 Brand Moment Idea- Share with me your greatest brand moment or promotion that clients were excited about and wanted to invest with you?

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