I picked up my iPad the other night and what was on the screen was “how to style your hair”. My 13 year old son, who is aware that I am a hairdresser and I am the only person who has cut his hair his entire life, was looking up how to use product and style his hair on You Tube. Being sensitive to his age demographic and that my opinion does not really count. Instead of asking him why didn’t you ask me on how to style your hair, I instead asked him what he learned? He said,” I need spray gel, hairspray and pomade to do my hair right”.

I’m a Master Educator…Right?

What! ….who is this master educator of product, selling my son over $50 of retail items in a matter of 3 minutes. I must sign this person to my agency… today.

So I previewed the video along with a dozen others he produced; only to find out he is not a hairdresser but was a master at styling his own hair and promoting products of all types. Now I can only assume that at one point a hairdresser shared this info with him, however… his demonstration, product knowledge and results were extremely effective and a big aha moment for me.

How can we better communicate with our clients as a show and share not sell and tell. I am convinced clients are interested in how to do their hair and what secrets (or products) will make their life easier, their hair more lustrous and their confidence of knowing a good hair day is not negotiable. Any product will work, we know that, we are the pros; it’s our ability to better communicate as the master educator and expert in our careers. That is what will raise the level of our profession and encourage more respect and what the heck….sell more products!

Show and Share BrandingMethod

  1. BE yourself, how would you share this technique or products with your BFF
  2. U are the expert in all things beauty
  3. Use your senses… Talk about why you like it, why it works, Confirm they See the results, Touch it, smell it , although I don’t recommend you have them taste it, what words, special techniques or actions can you use to connect them to wanting it so bad ….they can taste it! Whatever “it” is get them excited to buy.

Now share with me when and how you introduce new techniques, products and promotions to your clientduring the service?

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