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OWNERS: Glenn Baker, Heather Bagby, Michael Cole, Frank
Gambuzza, Dave Kirby, Randy Kunkel, Sharon Kunkel, Peter
Mahoney, Scott Missad, Galvin Salsbery and Kristi Valenzuela

Summit Salon Business Center introduces business practices that tap into the heart of the service providers by increasing their personal income, and therefore the bottom-line of the salon company utilizing our proprietary Summit Level System.

HOW WE’RE DIFFERENT: SSBC is committed to improving the beauty industry “one person at a time” by “passing it on” so our industry will be strong and prosperous for generations to come.

HOW WE WORK: Summit Salons are made up of more than 3,000 graduates of SSBC cornerston program, The Summit. SSBC is the world’s largest salon seminar, training and consulting company.

CATCH US AT: The Summit or Strictly Business, the cornerstone programs of Summit Salon Business Center. Additional programs available: Associate Program—learn how to “grow your own” service providers with a concise career path. Summit Phase 2—A leadership program dedicated to Summit graduates. The Summit: Tampa, FL: Feb: 10-13; March 24-27; Apr. 21-24; May 19-22; Oct. 6-9; Oct. 20-23; and Nov. 3-6. New York, NY: June 9-12. Chicago: July 14-17. Toronto, Ontario: Aug. 11-14. Seattle: Sept. 8-11. Strictly Business: March 10-13; June 2-5; Sept. 15-18; Nov. 3-6; Feb. 17-20; May 5-8; Aug. 18- 21; Oct. 13-16.

WORDS OF WISDOM: There are critical success factors for every salon company. The pillars of Summit Salon Business Center are sound financial business practices, performance based compensation, leadership/culture and marketing/branding. Each pillar represents a salon’s ability to run a sustainable company that has a foundation and longevity in our industry.

BETTER BOTTOM LINE IN 2013: Begin with the end in mind. First, establish the profit goal and build your budget, training and promotion plans based on the goal. Salon owners tend to chase the latest idea, rather than map out potential profit before the year begins.

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