Kopsa Otte CPAs and Advisors

800-975-4829 or 402-362-6636 • info@kopsaotte.com
OWNERS: Larry Kopsa, CPA; Candy Otte, CPA; Stacey Stark, CPA

Kopsa Otte CPAs and Advisors are trusted advisors for our clients in all aspects of their business, from their accounting to commission structures, benchmarks, budgeting, selling and buying a business and tax planning. We do not charge by the hour as most firms do, our clients have a service we call “unlimited access.” This means that clients or anyone that they designate can call us with questions and there are no additional fees.

WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: We are not the “accountant next door;” we are advisors, planners and specialists. We work with hundreds of salons, spas and distributorships all over the U.S. and this specialization for more than 30 years has given our firm the unique insight to this industry and in turn helped our clients become more profitable.

HERE’S HOW WE WORK: Even though we have clients all over the country, distance is not a factor for us, as we can provide accounting, tax and advisory services to our clients just as though we are sitting across from them. Our fee is based off the services we provide to the client.

CATCH US AT: Check out Larry’s speaking calendar on our blog at kopsaottesalon. blogspot.com.

WORDS OF WISDOM: Work ON your business not just IN your business.

BETTER BOTTOM LINE IN 2013: What you can measure you can manage. Look at your trends weekly, stick to your budget and use our financial statements to make smart business decisions. Have an advisor who can help you with your business.

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