OWNER: Tom Kuhn

QnityQnity helps salon and spa owners better their business through a revolutionary approach to business management and metrics. We drive success through simple, visual systems designed for creatives, not accountants.

WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: We are the leading experts in multi-location profitability through: 1) Clientele: we work with the best of the best. 2) Trust: 40+ of the top multi-location salons trust us with their financial and business data. 3) Objectivity: we welcome and collaborate with product manufacturers, but remain brand-neutral. 4) Focus: we eliminate clutter, freeing leaders and staff to concentrate on what counts. 5) Results: our proven systems have helped thousands reach a new level of prosperity.

HOW WE WORK: First and foremost, we are an education and business tools company. Many of our simple and visual tools and courses can be purchased at qnityinc.com. Advisory and coaching services are offered and matched to the needs of the client. Qnity’s consulting specialty is multi-location salons and spas. Qnity’s education products and business tools are affordable and effective. Individual tools are available starting at only $9.99 and courses are offered online from only $59.99.

CATCH US AT: Serious Business New Orleans: Jan. 22; Q Program for Leaders: Jan-March 2013; Dallas: Feb. 2013; America’s Beauty Show: Mar. 9-11; Nashville Fashion Focus: Mar. 24- 25; Spring Style Show: Apr. 14-15; Galveston Fashion Focus: Apr. 28-29; 2 to 10 Qnity Conference: May 4-6; PBA Beauty Week: July 13-16; World’s Fair: Sept. 8-9; Charlotte Fashion Focus: Oct. 6-7; Glendale Fashion Focus: Oct. 13-14; Indianapolis Fashion Focus: Oct. 20-21.

WORDS OF WISDOM: Simplify your business: Complexity kills performance. Go visual: It’s the language of your staff. Think big: This is a $68 billion industry.

BETTER BOTTOM LINE IN 2013: Plan for success. Engage to execute. An example of this is Qnity’s 8 Seasons of Business Calendar. This visual tool unites teams in planning and executing results in eight industry focus periods through the year. Success happens when everyone is energized and directed towards a common goal. Plans should address critical areas, such as: client engagement, key dates/events, seasonal opportunities and staff celebrations.

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