Is every day perfecto in the salon? Nunca, we all have rough days that question our entire professional resolve. If you have never reached this punto, you are blessed, or in denial. Those who pretend everything estå muy bién, are the ones who suddenly disappear from the salon. It’s best to face la realidad. So, let’s talk.
Success Tips from Latinas: How to Make it Grande, Part 2

If you spend too many horas wondering where your career is going, you probably don’t have enough clientes, if there is such a thing. What this really says is that you might not be managing your tiempo and oportunidades wisely. I asked successful Latino pros, and here is what they said:


Decide if you want to stay in the industry or bail. Don’t stay because of any other reason than being deeply enamorada with what you do, because like all amores, your resolve will be tested. Only, true passion allows you to ride the down times. So, what is a mala answer? “I can stay if I don’t have to try too hard.” Pack up your station or find a rico and generous lover.

According to the experts, if you decide to stay, you will do mucho major by using a technique to daily motivate yourself, and by keeping profesional goals and promesast o yourself diligently, particularly the first tres years in any new salon, regardless of your experiencia.
Success Tips from Latinas: How to Make it Grande, Part 2

Melissa Vega, a Los Angeles based hairstylist at Style-By-Vega (inside of Salon Republic right off Sunset Blvd), is a top educator specializingin color and editorial work, who attributes her success to consistency and visualizing your success,“To me, consistency is key and giving up is never an option. I strive to continually upgrade my skills and learn from the industry’s best, always maintaining an open mind.” When Melissa has that tough day, she resorts to positive thinking, and a support system she built for herself, “Goal setting, or visualization of obtaining my goals, and surrounding myself with like-minded individuals, is essential.I dare to dream. Dreaming with detail, to me, starts the flow of abundance in your life. I believe daily practice of this discipline is what got me to where I am today.” Vamos, Melissa,  that philosophy makes me want her to cut my hair right now.

Success Tips from Latinas: How to Make it Grande, Part 2

Lulu Benavidez, owner of Lulu’s the Salon in Galveston, TX, has launched the careers of dozens of professionals, she is a wife, mother, innovative educator, community leader, and jogger/runner.Lulu feels that a love for learning, and learning from others, plus her personal inner drive from childhood to be career successful was responsible for her 25+year trend setting salon. As Lulu’s long time amigo, I rate her team player skills as the best in the industry; she can create a beautiful style, but will also sweep and clean for everyone else, the mark of a true Diva. To reclaim your balance, Lulu underscores knowing what you want, “Setting goals and always working to meet them, is what keeps me pumped.” Lulu credits family support as a key ingredient to success. And, I am witness that the Benavidez family is amazing. 





Conclusión: what these fabulous women are telling us is to determine if you have a true amor for the craft, because you need the passion to ride out the road bumps. Next, be aware that you are making progreso, and this can only happen if you set goals. Finally, have a little trick to save you from negativity, be it visualization, positive thinking, or the support of amigos and familia.
Bravo, amigas!

What is your success tip?

Hasta pronto,


Carlos Valenzuela, president of Carlos Valenzuela Resources, is a Latino marketing consultant, a licensed instructor, author, and motivational speaker.
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