One day of online study can set-up a stylist with the skills required to use Simplicity hair extensions.  M. Evan Parker-Calderon, Director of Sales and Marketing, for Simplicity Hair Extension, likes what he is not hearing about their recently launched Online Extension Certification Program.  “I have not heard any complaints.  No one is having trouble navigating the site or submitting their application.  They are accessing it when and where it’s convenient for them.” 

Designed to fit into a stylist’s busy schedule, Simplicity’s online certification course begins with a phone call.  “Stylists require on-demand response,” says Parker-Calderon.  “When they make the decision to get involved with a brand, they want it now, they want to place their order and move forward, not wait two weeks for a class to come to their area.  We wanted to reach individuals in every corner of the country.”

 Seven Steps to Simplicity Extension Certification

1. Call Simplicity toll-free number 877-413-5225.  Stylists will be asked for proof of license; a copy must be sent via fax or email

2. After license has been confirmed, the stylist registers for the certification program and pays registration fee (which can vary according to distributor but cost is typically $400) and is given access code to the certification program.

3. Supply Kit is sent to stylist. The kit contains:

  • Mannequin head and clamp
  • 25 practice pieces - a mix of regular extensions and grafts
  • Adhesive remover
  • Additional tape
  • DVD - focuses on styling
  • Education Manual
  • Loop brush (after care)

4. Once kit is received, the stylist is ready to begin the program which has six sections - four technical, one on client consultation (including after-care) and one on sales and marketing. At the end of each section is a quiz taken to reinforce the information; they are not graded.

5. At the completion of each technical section (precision parting, placement, natural hair integration, and tape placement) stylists takes a picture their work.

6. These photos are sent to Simplicity for review.

7. Once photos pass inspection, the stylist is now Simplicity Certified and their name is added to the “Stylist Locator” section on the Simplicity website.

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