Cleaning up the guy’s neckline is a basic part of every haircut.  Classic barbering calls for hot lather and a straight edge.  The limits of your cosmetology license might not allow you to perform this element of service in the traditional way.  There are a few things you can do to provide a classic touch to neck clean up to position yourself to score runs with male clients and build your fan base.

Batting Clean Up: How to Provide a Classic Neck Clean Up

Following are my tips for adding value and elevating your service in the 9th inning of the visit.

  1. Cover the bases – Neck lines can be rounded or squared.  Napes can be blocked or tapered.  Discuss options and choices with every client.  Do not assume that the way you cut the last guy is the way this guy wants to have his hairline finished.
  2. Call up a player – Break out the hair conditioner.  Every man’s product line has one.  Use a finger to apply a thin coat of conditioner as if it were shave cream around the neckline.  This preps the hair and protects the skin.  It feels great to the client and opens up product conversations.
  3. Bat clean up – Use your electric trimmer in an upward motion against the hair growth direction. Avoid dragging the moving teeth of the tool against his skin and creating parallel scratches. Ouch!
  4. Get steamed – No.  Do not yell at the umpire.  Prepare a classic steam towel to wipe away excess conditioner.  Remove stray hair clippings that can itch with it as well.  Wipe the client’s forehead, ears and sideburns, too.  Steam towels feel great and add a touch of spa service to any haircut experience quickly and easily.  Proper preparation of a steam towel is easy and requires just hot running water and a towel.  There is no need to invest in a fancy warming cabinet.
  5. Swing for the fences – Finish off the service with the application of a splash of aftershave.  Your men’s hair care line likely offers one or you can use another brand you sell upfront.  This classic barbershop ritual is accessible to us all.  Use of the products opens the door to conversation about these products which leads to sales.


You can become the MVP of the game with your male clients by employing a few classic touches to your service.  Get off the bench and into the game.


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