With Chicago being named one of the top 10 green cities in the US with nearly 500,000 new trees being planted, the celebrity hair stylists (HARPO/Oprah/Rosie O'Donnell, The PGA, & NBC) at Chicago's George the salon created an eco- and vegetarian-friendly deep conditioning treatment to align with the city's passion for green beauty.

The salon's new Davines inspired and paraben-free service is called George the salon's Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioning Treatment with a Living Enzyme Infusion Spray. This two part service only costs $20 and centers around vegetarian infused ingredients to bring tresses back to life with its superior conditioning and strengthening properties, while a Living Enzyme Infusion Spray further smoothes frizz, detangles and adds shine.

How Step 1 Works: 

Davines Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioning Treatment moisturizes the corneal structure of the hair, making it more uniform. Regular use of this hair treatment also helps to prevent split ends. Hair becomes healthy, nourished and full of body. Key ingredients include Avocado, Vitamin E, Rice Proteins, and Hypnea Musciformis (red algae which is rich in fatty acids - moistures and restructures).

How Step 2 Works:

Davines Nourishing Living Enzyme Infusion is a protective and hydrating spray that has been formulated for dry and brittle hair. A rich blend of active ingredients works both internally and externally to increase conditioning and enhance shine. Hair is repaired, hydrated and strengthened without being weighed down. Key ingredients include: Wheat Proteins, Olive Oil, Cotton Bloom and SOD Enzyme (Super Oxide Dismutase which is a powerful anti-radical agent and is one of the few active enzymes on the hair).

Cost: $20

George The Salon Introduces a "Vegetarian" Service

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