In today’s fast-paced, always-online, always-connected workplace it’s a job in itself to make enough time for a private life. Whether it’s finding time for family, friends, hobbies or just recharging, here are the tricks used by some industry leaders to balance the scales of their personal and professional lives.

Perspectives: A Delicate BalanceDebra Neill Baker
Chief Energy Officer
Neill Corporation, SalonBiz Software, Neill Technologies

“A few years ago I made a conscious decision which led to a personal strategy. I wanted to create a blurred life rather than keeping work and personal life separate. Many of us know control freaks, right? Well, I am a self-control freak… complete awareness and commitment to controlling what I can control regarding myself. With that said, I am always conscious about my thinking and that informs my actions. I am mindful of eating healthy, exercising and staying connected— with my family, my friends and my business via my phone—which continues to evolve who I am. Knowing where the off button is and managing myself keeps me grounded and attentive to the life I want to create.”

Perspectives: A Delicate BalanceHeather Bagby
Director of Communications, Summit Salon Business Center

“As a busy working and traveling mom who owns three companies, it is imperative to have balance between my professional life, which rightly requires an exorbitant amount of my time, and my personal life with my family who deserves my full and undivided attention. My philosophy, which we teach in our Summit seminars, is to be 100 percent present wherever you are. It sounds simple, but it takes discipline. Here some specific strategies that work: Schedule your time by creating both a work and family calendar. Arrive when and where you say you will. If I make a commitment to a staff member, consulting client or a family member, there is nothing more important than being there. At Summit, we teach ‘Keep it simple and Make it Fun.’”

Perspectives: A Delicate BalanceMorgan Willhite
Creative Director, Ouidad

“Being consistent is what gives me balance. As a busy hair artist and creative director, I am always conscious of time—booking clients to comfortably accommodate their service, being respectful of their time and keeping the quality of my work a priority. This consistency allows me to have (as much as possible) a smooth and stress-free workday, which translates into a much happier personal life. Keeping a consistent schedule at home keeps my son happy and when he is happy, I’m happy. I keep my personal life grounded in fun and laughter and that has given my professional life a consistent attitude of enthusiasm and passion.”

Perspectives: A Delicate BalancePaul Tate
CEO North America, Shortcuts Software

“With a ‘do more with less’ attitude overtaking the corporate world, there just never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done. To maintain balance, I’ve personally taken to heart one of the core beliefs at Shortcuts: technology can help you increase productivity and spend less time tied to your work. Fortunately for salon professionals, we’ve adopted that same approach when designing products like auto text confirmations and Set & Forget e-mail marketing. These applications automate routine tasks that quickly eat away a stylist’s day. Personal time improves when there is no more e-mailing clients in the middle of the night because there wasn’t time during the day or letting manual con­firmations tie up the work schedule.”

Perspectives: A Delicate BalanceLuda Conti
Owner of Avanti Salon & Spa, an Oribe network salon

“In the 36 years I’ve been in the salon industry, I’ve rarely been able to focus on myself. In March of this year, however, I discovered a passion for Latin dancing and have been competing in national competitions with my teacher/partner since July. It is the ­ rst time in my life I’ve done something completely for myself. I look at dancing as a continuation of the beauty my staff and I create in the salon; it provides me the opportunity to feel feminine and express my feelings.”

Perspectives: A Delicate BalanceJanell Geason
Aveda Global Artistic Director for Make-up

“As a Libra, a sense of balance is important for my wellness. As Aveda’s global artistic director for make-up, it is not always easy to find that balance. My favorite tool is a product, either Stress-Fix Oil or Blue Oil. I carry both with me and during the day I will create a quick sensory journey with them and rub them on my neck and shoulders. During Fashion Week, I created these moments in the taxi going from one show to the next. They really do help me to clear my busy mind.”

Stephanie Jennnings
Director of Sales, Mindbody

“Without a doubt, my favorite tool for maintaining a balanced (and sane) life is my iPhone. It does everything and it has everything I need. It keeps me up-to-date with my kids (calendar, text, camera), my job (schedule, e-mail), my boyfriend (phone, e-mail, text), my social network (Facebook, Instagram), my favorite discounts and promotions (Gmail, daily deals), my other job, which is teaching fitness classes (schedule), my salon appointments (text reminders)…you name it.”

Todd Shea
Senior Director of Marketing
Brands and Product Innovation, Aware Products

“My mother was a salon owner and stylist. A philosophy that she applied in her professional and personal life, is to always take the time to listen. Making a conscious effort to slow down and listen to what friends, family, customers and co-workers have to say has enabled me to appreciate the input and opinions of others. Taking the simple step of listening to others, has allowed me to gain valuable insights that have led to many personal and professional successes.”

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