Tech Titans


Meet and learn from six salon experts who constantly cat ch the lat est technology waves—riding the edges and growing themselves and their businesses with every app, social media program and gadget they embrace.

While critics once feared technology would drive an inhuman wedge between businesses and their customers, the opposite is proving to be true. Advances, such as social media, smart phones, QR codes and gaming apps, are helping today’s small business owners engage the public in new ways, enhancing the retail and service experience, strengthening loyalties and making lives easier for all involved.

Nowhere is that more apparent than in the world of professional beauty, where constantly evolving technology is enhancing, improving and streamlining every client touchpoint during the salon and spa service. From incorporating iPads into the consultation to using FourSquare to playfully market to guests to combining QR codes and videos to disseminate product knowledge in the comfort of the client’s home, today’s shrewdest salon owners and managers are employing technologies that weren’t even conceived of a few years ago.

SALON TODAY is dubbing this new breed of salon expert the Tech Titan, and we’re introducing you to six who are willing to divulge their tech-savvy strategies for bettering the world of salon business.

The Stylist's Champion: Harry D. Wood

The Early Adapter: Rhonda Cavner

The Edge Leader: Tomas Sena


The Social Media Mentor: Patrick McIvor

Streamlined Operators: Rachel and James Morrison

The Client Connector: Ariel Shannon

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