Bright Blondes All Summer Long with MalibuC

Tom Porter, Founder and President of Malibu Wellness, Inc., knows that time in the sun, surf and sand can take blonde color from beautiful to blah and brassy.  Porter offers insight into maintaining the best and brightest blonde this summer:

 #1:  Dull, muddy tones and blonde color that loses vibrancy after five to seven shampooings is a direct result of shampooing in warm, chlorinated shower water that contains calcium of over 100 ppm.

 #2: Blondes absorb more pool chemicals than brunettes,  causing their hair to fall in clumpy sections rather than in flowing, individual strands.

 #3: Fading highlights is a result of shampooing in hard water, which leaves the same film buildup that you see on your shower wall. This translucent film refracts light and therefore diminishes shine.

  #4: Exposure to pools or hot tubs that contain copper sulfate (used to control algae) can cause blondes to exhibit a green or ashy discoloration from copper buildup.

  #5: Blondes can experience brassy or orange discoloration caused by minerals, like iron, that attach to the hair like a magnet and are then oxidized and accelerated by air, sun, and water.

 Malibu C’s Blondes Natural Wellness Treatment, a vegan-wellness treatment for hair, offers Malibu C Blondes Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner, plus Blondes Wellness Treatment, to help remove and guard against environmental toxins. Sulfate and paraben-free with pro-Vitamin B, organic aloe, and crystallized Vitamin C.

Tom Porter, founder of Malibu Wellness, Inc. and the inventor of the patented “Malibu Makeover,” is the creator of “Total Oxidation Management,” a wellness-centered strategy used by salons and spas to support successful services for their clients whose hair and skin are affected by environmental aging factors and chronic conditions. Porter is the author of You’re Not Aging...You’re Just Oxidizing.

Bright Blondes All Summer Long with MalibuC

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