Where it's at: Ouidad in Santa Monica, California and New York, New York

Owner: Ouidad

Description: Re-form curls and go from kinky to softer waves with Ouidad’s exclusive Softening System. This treatment works to soften out-of-control curls making them more maintenance-free and healthy looking. Softening is not a straightening system as it does not contain the harsh ingredients that standard straightening does. The Ouidad exclusive softening system uses half the amount of processing ingredients in combination with a deep treatment that is tailored to each client. Results are looser curl patterns that allow for a completely customized curl or wave.

Price: Spot Softening, $100; Hairline, $150; Half of head, $175; Full head, $250.

Length of service: 2-3 hours, depending on the individual’s density, texture, curl pattern, porosity and hair’s overall health

Who performs it: Licensed cosmetologists

Products/tools needed: Ouidad creamed softening solution; barrier protective cream; bowl and brush, clips, wide-tooth comb, rat-tail comb, towels, neutralizing shampoo

How it’s marketed: Through client consultations.

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